Boost your exertion and workouts without any inconvenience and hassle.

  • FULL PALM PROTECTION * No more torn hands and no more calluses. This exceptional weightlifting glove covers the whole palm and the thumb of your hand is likewise protected. It is made of Neoprene, an incredible material which is resistant to water, perilous synthetic substances, oils and heat and maturing making for a long last strong match of gloves.
  • BUILT-IN WRIST WRAPS * Experience these remarkable designed weightlifting wrist wraps that offer superior training experience and unrivalled wrist support with every single workout. Highly developed wrist wrap for performing cross training and lifts like grabs, quick lifts, front squats, and different lifts requiring wrist safety.
  • EXTRA TIGHT GRIP * Discover the unique palm manufacturing of Neoprene for additional grip on the barbell, pull up bar, muscle up rings, kettlebells, and many more. Boost your exertion and workouts without any inconvenience and hassle.
  • COMFORT * The Wrist Wraps can easily attach and detach with Velcro, giving the capacity to change it according to personal use. Especially designed open hand configuration likewise accommodates extraordinary comfort, enabling the hands to breathe while doing intense exercises. Not so much SWEAT and NO BAD SMELLING but rather more VENTILATION offers less washes and long life.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not satisfied with WYOX Cross Fitting gloves for any reason then you are granted with 30 days full purchase refund.


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