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Designed to loop over the lifting bar while your wrist is secured through both hoops.

Product Specification
  • Figure 8 Lifting Straps are a great training accessory to help improve your lifting technique and reduce grip fatigue.
  • Compared to traditional straps like the lasso and single loop, best figure 8 lifting straps provide a more secure grip as it is worn in a double loop fashion, thus giving more stability in your grip.
  • This strap is designed for heavy pull exercises like deadlifts and thus perfect for strongman competitions.
  • Thick stitching patterns on this lifting strap provide better resistance to wear and tear caused by daily use.
Product Description

These Wyox Figure 8 Lifting Straps are a MUST for a solid grip on the bar when you’re lifting heavy. Designed to double-loop around your wrists, these straps help lock you into the bar or dumbell you’re lifting. 100% Super Strong Cotton Blend and Neoprene Padding on the contact areas makes these both strong and comfortable. They are designed to fit any wrist and sold as a pair (2 Straps) – an incredible value for this quality.

Key Features
  • figure 8 lifting straps design helps lock in your grip to the bar
  • 100% potent woven cotton blend
  • Comfortable neoprene padding on all contact areas
  • Lift heavy with more confidence
  • Fits all wrist sizes -Price is for two straps (1 Pair)


  1. Hilton Emerick (verified owner)

    I finally got a chance to use the straps today, and I absolutely love them! Its crazy what a difference they made in my lifts immediately. I no longer feel the barbell slipping out of my hands, or feel that I am unable to use the weight I know I can pull because of my weak grip strength. These are a dream!

  2. rogertebbs (verified owner)

    Durable and comfortable. releases nicely. Highly recommend.

  3. randalardito (verified owner)

    I was amazed with the quality! They are a great pair of lifting straps, and I would buy another pair

  4. mikelbettcher (verified owner)

    Simple product and a great price, would recommend!

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