Lifting Straps and Heavy Duty Hooks


Professional Lifting Straps and Heavy Duty Hooks | 7mm Think Neoprene Padded Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting Support & Grip – Ideal Gym Gloves for Men Women PAIR

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  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN WEIGHT LIFTING HOOKS – It’s time to get WYOX weight lifting straps hooks with strong double-sided stitching, industrial grade padded straps, and fortified metal hooks. These lifting straps with lifting hooks are the ideal weight lifting straps for men and women because you can workout without the fear of the weight or barbell landing on your feet! There are no comparable lifting grips for weightlifting on the market!
  • FINALLY REACH YOUR MAX WEIGHT & REPS – Don’t let your slipping grip keep you from reaching your max weight and reps! Our deadlift straps with lifting hooks help to shift the weight from your palms to your wrist, increasing your grip strength. Our weightlifting gloves with hooks are designed to help you reach max reps quicker. Are you lifting 30s when you want to lift 60? These workout straps help you lift heavier weights.
  • THICK NEOPRENE WRIST WRAP PADDING – Unlike other lifting straps, our wrist wrap with hooks fit securely around your wrist and uses premium neoprene padding to hold your wrists in place. Our lifting wrist straps padding is thicker than other deadlift straps and provides a firmer hold to prevent injuries. These are the ideal pull up gloves men and women use because it provides the security needed to lift heavier.
  • LATEST HIGH-QUALITY PREMIUM MATERIAL – Our weight lifting wrist straps padded hookgrip uses high-quality materials like neoprene padding and metal hooks. Our deadlift straps won’t bend under pressure as they’re made with fortified steel, so these lifting hooks with wrist support can withstand daily use. Try loading your max weight onto these gym hooks and our weight lifting straps hooks will stand up to the test!
  • UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – WYOX endeavors to deliver the best lifting hook gloves to our customers. Our design ensures that you can use these wrist hooks comfortably for all kinds of weights! We only use quality materials for our weight lifting wrist straps and lifting hooks. If your lifting straps are anything but satisfactory, we’ll take care of it!

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