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WyoxSports engineered metal biceps isolator arm blaster for workout and intense training.

Arm Blaster Feature

Our arm blaster, bicep blaster, arm blaster workout, arm blaster equipment, arm blaster wyox, cheap arm blaster, best arm blaster, arm blaster for sale work include and also strength training, bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness workouts can boost your general condition.  Heavy Duty Metal biceps arm blaster curls, now featuring the v2 neck strap padding, eliminating any discomforts caused by other arm blaster workout. We have aimed to provide supreme comfort through our super padded, dense elbow pads. These allow the user to reduce the momentum caused when not using a biceps isolator when performing dumbbell curls and barbell curls. Our new biceps isolator now imitates the preacher curl movement. However, this will not require the user to sacrifice any space as it is a portable piece of exercise equipment. Due to our supreme design, you will now be able to have a blood pump a lot quicker to your biceps and forearms allowing more energy to be used up, and thus increasing the size of the overall muscles used, without causing quick fatuousness.

Arm Blaster

  • WyoxSports engineered metal biceps isolator bicep blaster for workout and intense training.
  • It features newly designed neck strap padding which eliminates the discomfort
  • Made from heavy-duty aluminium, strong brass rivets and webbed nylon and neoprene padding with adjustable nylon belt to provide extended stability for more efficient workouts.
  • Arm blaster keeps the elbows locked and closer to the body to avoid swaying to force the biceps to do all the work.
  • The curling exercises are no longer pensive because the contoured plate isolates arm blasters and shoulders in a position for curling exercise.

Additional Specification

  • Colour: Black
  • Size: Uni Size
  • Material: Steel Max & Neoprene
  • Condition: New
  • Location: USA

Why People Use Arm Blaster Bodybuilding?

Once you discover the way the blaster fits onto your frame, all you need to do is allow your elbows to snug their way to the pads at every side. Best bicep arm blaster work miracles in assisting you to boost your bicep mass. The biceps blaster is a type of harness an athlete wears on the top body to lock the bicep blaster workout into the right position during the arm blaster. He or she will remind you to check your ego at the door and choose a weight that you can curl with strict form from the bottom of the motion. To aid you in getting the ideal arm blaster exercises on the marketplace, I have done enough research and compiled the top five products that you are able to choose to assist you in your bodybuilding regime.

If you’re interested in bicep curl belt, AliExpress has found 891 related benefits, so you are able to compare and shop! An arm blaster dumbbell curls isn’t a new product in the marketplace. He or she should not be difficult to use.  Best arm blasters, which help you do curls at home, are an excellent way for a health enthusiast to acquire an incredible workout without visiting the gym.

You should check a product with an ergonomic design such that it will be simple that you use if you’re working out. You should also receive a product with durable construction. Body-Solid products always include amazing quality, and the gold arm blaster is not any different.

Arm Blaster Benefits

There are a few reasons why you might want to get the best arm pump workout. First, if you do not have the use of your barbell bicep workouts at all, getting one can be a lifesaver. For example, if you have paraplegia or have any other problem with your arms bodybuilding bicep, you can still participate in activities that you otherwise would not. In addition, more people need to be confined to bed and cannot make much use of their arm biceps without curls. Therefore, getting a bodybuilding arm workouts is very important for them.

When you choose to get an arm blaster 2020, you may also consider getting one for yourself as well. As far as this particular arms workout bodybuilding device is concerned, it can help you control the movement of your limbs. For example, if you can’t move them well when you are sleeping, you may not be able to do so when you wake up. You will also find that you will get a more restful sleep at night with the help of a heavy bicep workout. There are a few things that you should look for when you are looking for one. The first thing that you will need to do is to determine how many bodybuilding arms you have and what your requirements are.

If you have the best bicep pump workout, then getting a six-arm blaster may not be ideal for you. Also, there are bicep workout bodybuilding that you may want to look into, which have fifteen arms. There are also several different models of the best bicep workout bodybuilding. You will need to compare the various benefits and features of each of these different models so that you will be able to find one that is right for you.


  1. Hilton Emerick (verified owner)

    Arrived quick. Work a great. Perfect addition to my home gym. Quality great. Anyone who works out or beginner will be satisfied. Helps with form no cheating.

  2. jayvanduzer (verified owner)

    Great tool for big arms
    Bought this about a month ago and it does what it is called it blast your arm if you want to increase size effectively I recommend to purchase this worth every penny spent.

  3. romanmcnees (verified owner)

    This is sized perfect, at least for me, and has the right strength to weight ratio so when I’m doing heavy barbell curls it doesn’t bend around my torso like some of the other thinner made versions do.

  4. jamaalmead (verified owner)

    Solid made, definite upgrade from my old Body Solid arm blaster! Worth the purchase.

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