Serve to provide support and stability to wrists wraps when lifting heavy weights

Wyox Blue Star Wrist Wraps Powerlifting Cross-Training Support Wrist Brace Fixed wrists in suppressing the movements and exercises for arms now eliminate pain during exercise form, thus enabling work with higher weights.

Corsets are self-adhesive; you can quickly download after each completed batch. It is very important to use at higher weights to prevent damage to the joints and tendons to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum.

Best wrist wraps elasticized doesn’t interfere with circulation. They are known as wrist wraps, serve to provide support and stability to wrists when lifting heavy weights for the different presses or in Olympic weightlifting.


  • 21-inch long x 3 inches wide for better support
  • Easy fastening and adjustment with hook and loop closure
  • Assists wrist support, stability and reduces hyperextension injuries
  • Heavy Duty is a woven elasticized cotton wrap for maximum support

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