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Wyox has developed a new metal biceps isolator arm blaster workout. Made from heavy duty metal, it also features v2 neck strap padding which eliminated the discomfort often found in other arm blasters.

Wyox Heavy Duty Arm Blaster Isolator Body Building Bomber Bicep Curl Triceps

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Additional comfort Arm Blaster Workout

Wyox has introduced super padded, dense elbow pads. When performing dumbbell curls and barbell curls, and not using a biceps isolator, these pads allow the momentum to be reduced, providing additional comfort during your work out. The solid steel and neoprene neck pad of arm blaster workout add more comfort. The belt is made from webbed nylon, and double rivets secure the nylon strap.

Make Your Workout More Effective With Portable Arm Blaster

This new biceps isolator imitates the preacher curl movement, but because it is portable equipment, you will not need additional space. With this new design, blood will pump to your biceps and forearms a lot quicker, and this will allow you to use more energy, which will increase the size of the muscles you are using. The maximum supported weight is 50lb for dumbbells and 100lb for a curl bar. The new design will perfectly support your elbow and allow you to isolate your arm and shoulder muscle groups. Wyox have provided a great way to maximise your bicep and tricep workouts, safely.


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